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The Boudoir Babe, LLC

Portrait, boudoir, & Editorial Photography


Located Near Downtown Birmingham, Alabama

Travel Available

hello@boudoirbabe.co | 256-347-3616

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Photo by Lume Photography

Hey- I'm Jennifer

I'm a 30-something wild child with an insane love for tattoos, coffee, Wonder Woman, and my beautiful unicorn of a husband, Brad. Combined we have six kids aged 4-15, plus a furbaby named Fezzik. I'm fascinated by personality types (I'm an ENFP if you're into Myers-Briggs), and I always ask new people what Hogwarts house they're in (Hufflepuffs represent!). When I'm not shooting or editing photos you'll usually find me snuggled on the couch with Brad watching Netflix- or napping, because I love naps. 


I am seriously passionate about boudoir & portrait photography. Nothing makes me happier than to help bring out a woman's inner goddess in my studio, and see her walk out with her chin a little higher, her smile a little bigger. Helping other women feel beautiful and empowered is what sets my soul on fire. 


If you look at my portfolio and think "I could never look like that, I'm not a model"... you need to know that most of those women aren't either! They are normal, everyday women just like you! They have cellulite, fat rolls, saggy boobs, and butt acne just like the rest of us! My job is to help you look like the best possible version of yourself, with amazing hair styling and makeup, perfect lighting, and posing you from your fingers to your toes.

Or maybe you're thinking "I'm single- I don't have anyone to do a shoot for"... GIRL. YES YOU DO. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. We have so much fun during our boudoir shoots- we laugh, we sing, we dance- my goal when you leave is for you to feel like you've just spent time with your best friend. And when it's all said and done- you have gorgeous photos of yourself that your can look at for years to come and say "I am beautiful. I am a goddess." And you will have earned my crazy self as your friend for life. 

So what are you waiting for??


Jennifer Baugh